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Chicken Fillet Burger


These chicken burgers are made with crispy seasoned chicken breast fillets.

Chicken Wrap


Crispy chicken breast with a sweet chilli sauce, cool mayo, lettuce and cucumber in a soft, toasted tortilla wrap

Steak Burger


A steak burger is prepared using steak made with ground meat as ingredient.

Spicy Wings


Spicy chicken wings are generally deep-fried and then coated or dipped in our special sauce

½ Pounder Burger


Our popular  burger with a bigger patty and weighing ​half a pound.

Peri Peri Chicken


Grilled & charred chicken pieces covered in our special peri peri chili paste / sauce.

Our Specialty

Baked with Natural Ingredients

Peri Peri

Spicy Peri Peri flavour enhances your taste buds, taste that makes you order more.

Fresh Ingredients

All items on menu are prepared using fresh ingredients, making it the tastiest peri peri.

Made to Order

We make all orders while you wait, giving you the tastiest, freshest dishes at all times.

Special Sauce

We marinate our chicken for good hours in our special peri peri marinate sauce.

Perfectly Grilled

Our dishes are grilled to perfection, the Peri peri is absolutely phenomenal, try it yourself.

Quality Products

We use quality products, meeting the standards of all food production and storage requirements.


Our Customer Reviews

Elliot D.
1 Review
a week ago

First time trying the peri peri chicken.. absolutely delicious! Tried their amazing wings as well, if you want the tastiest peri peri and wings, this is the place.

2 Reviews
2 weeks ago
The chicken is perfectly marinated and cooked to perfection, right up to the bone you can taste the sauce and flavour. The burger as well is really good..
Oliver Y
1 Review
3 weeks ago
Burgers Combo Meals are very good, The grilled chicken’s flavour is perfect. Service as well was quick, Keep up the good work Kuku Peri Peri!
KUKu Peri Peri

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